We get it. You love your dog (of course), so you also love taking your dog pretty much everywhere you go. This includes to your friends’ and family members’ homes. But a visit from you and your pup can easily turn into an “I’m so sorry!” moment if you’re not careful.

Dogs may understand how to behave at home but may not be so sure if those rules also apply to an unfamiliar, new place. At the Canine Country Club of Arkansas, we offer hands-on training with your dog, including board-and-train programs. This is a great way for your dog to learn and understand commands and skills so visits go smoothly.

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In the first couple of months of a new year, it can be helpful to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the year ahead. At the Canine Country Club of Arkansas, we encourage our dog parents to play an active, positive role in their dog’s life, and part of that responsibility includes setting goals that will benefit your dog.

For 2018, consider setting these five goals for your dog to make them the happiest, healthiest dog they can be! If one of your resolutions this year is to travel more, don’t worry about where your dog will stay. Board your dog here at the Canine Country Club in Little Rock. Contact us today to learn more!

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It’s officially 2018 and you know what that means: New Year resolutions! As we’re all making personal resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, it’s important to keep one important member of our family in mind: our dogs. Don’t forget to make resolutions that will benefit your pup, your furry best friend.

At the Canine Country Club of Arkansas, we recommend making canine enrichment one of your 2018 resolutions. Canine enrichment helps keep your dog’s body and mind fresh and alert. Overall, it helps your dog be the best version of themselves - and that’s what all dog owners really want, right?

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Happy New Year from the Canine Country Club! As we usher in a new year, we’re all presented with a great opportunity to be better pet parents. As you set goals and resolutions for the new year, there are two big buzzwords flying around the dog world that you should be aware of: canine enrichment.

Don’t know what canine enrichment is? Don’t worry! Whether you’ve heard of it or not, we want to help you understand the phrase and why it’s so important in the dog community right now. At the Canine Country Club of Arkansas in Little Rock, we’re devoted to keeping our dog parents informed and involved so you can make the best possible decisions about your dogs. Keep reading to learn about canine enrichment and why it’s important!

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Thanksgiving is a time to think about all the things you’re thankful for. In fact, it often makes you appreciate those things even more. This Thanksgiving season, we’re feeling particularly grateful for all of the wonderful dogs that come visit us for dog boarding or doggie daycare here at the Canine Country Club of Arkansas in Little Rock.

We’re thankful for each and every wagging tail that walks (or runs) through our front door and greets us at the front desk. We’re thankful for all the paws that we get to shake each day and all the games of fetch or chase we get to play. We’re thankful for all of the caring dog owners that want their pup to have a safe, fun place to stay, play, and swim while they’re out of town or at work. We can’t thank you all enough for a wonderful year!

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