Dog Training

A few basic simple commands can make the difference between a dog that is out of control and a dog that is a wonderful companion. At Canine Country Club of Arkansas, we train dogs on these basic commands using positive reinforcment based methods training with praise, rewards and treats. We offer three types of training:

  • Day Care Training
  • Private Lessons including Puppy Training
  • Our popular Board and Train program.

Day Care Training

If you are pressed for time but your dog needs help with its manners, consider daycare training. Daycare training is where your dog comes to play and also has 1 to 2 training sessions. When you come to pick up your dog, we show you what he/she learned; and give you homework to help your dog at home.

Puppy Training

Do you have a new puppy? We offer Puppy Kindergarten where puppies learn to play and socialize with other puppies, attend group manners class and work in a private training session. We also offer potty training programs to help you get your puppy housetrained.

Board and Train

If you feel you are really busy and do not have the time to go to obedience classes, consider our Board and Train program. Your dog will have several private training sessions per day during a three week period. Your dog will also get to play in daycare. Our In Board Training program will give your dog a good foundation of manners to start. At the end of the 3 week program we have a transfer lesson with you to show you what your dog has learned along with a video to take home.

See our CCC Forms page for all the forms and use our Registration Request form to get started! You can also call or contact us for more information on our training programs.

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Truman loves to go to the Canine Country Club of Arkansas and has gone 5 days a week since he was old enough to go.He gets to use up his energy running with his friends (Beau... Read more

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