Doggie Daycare provides stimulation, exercise and socialization for dogs that might otherwise be left home alone during the day. Dog owners can rest assure that their dog is being cared for and is able to socialize with other dogs in a controlled and supervised environment.


Our members make great friends who they play with each day and cannot wait to start their day in daycare. The end result is that a happy, exercised and more relaxed dog will come home at the end of each day ready for human companionship and affection.

Canine Country Club of Arkansas offers an all-inclusive boarding program that includes boarding, food and daycare. Our dog guests enjoy playing within our fenced 4-1/2 acres where we have multiple play areas for various size dogs and different personalities. 

The play area includes our famous 2-½ acre Play Trail, complete with dog playground equipment, small mud pits, Top Dog Hill and our in-ground salt water pool. We also have dedicated playfields for small dogs, large dogs and dogs who do not play well with others.

In the evenings, dogs enjoy spacious indoor, climate-controlled accommodations, daily housekeeping service and nutritious meals. Each dog is also provided with a large PetCot/Kuranda bed to sleep on.

The Bark Bus is a new service offered to our customers who need a little more convenience in making sure their furry family members get out to the Club, whether it be for Daycare or Boarding. Presently, we pick up Monday through Friday in two locations: the Heights and West Little Rock.

If your dog loves the water and going swimming then the pool at Canine Country Club of Arkansas is the perfect place to let them cool off and burn some energy. Our 30’ x 14’ saltwater pool offers a beach entry for dogs that love to lie in the shallow end and gets up to 4½’ deep.

Dogs can swim in the pool during playtime while at daycare or boarding, or you can schedule a private supervised swim for medical purposes if needed.

Our standard bath removes the daily dirt and excessive odors from your dog's coat. They'll leave looking and smelling great! We use shampoos from Show Season. These products are widely used and recommended by top groomers across the U.S.

A few basic, simple commands can make the difference between a dog that is out of control and a dog that is a wonderful companion. At Canine Country Club of Arkansas, we train dogs on these basic commands using positive reinforcement methods, training with praise, rewards and treats.